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Sample of Llampuga in Cala Ratjada, Illot Suites Hotel


Illot Suites Hotel Sample of Llampuga in Cala Ratjada

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Sample of Llampuga in Cala Ratjada

October 10 2019
Being Llampuga a characteristic fish of the Mediterranean, the celebration coincides with the time when the Llampuga is larger than what happens annually at the end of Septimbre or beginning of October, normally being the first or second weekend of October when celebrated our fair. It is organized by the fishermen of Cala Ratjada who provide this fish to the different local restaurants that participate in this fair and in the same port of fishermen is celebrated this fair, being on Saturday a day dedicated to tapas and Sunday with more elaborated dishes. The fair has roughly 40 varieties of avocado based on this fish although the most typical elaborations, the llampuga with peppers among others, can never be missing.