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sauna illot hotels and spa mallorca

It occupies much of the spa's indoor pool. This pool is equipped with wide conditioned areas for the waters in movement by the action of a complete set of jets that allow an absolute relaxation, especially in the lumbar zone. This circuit is complemented with a varied equipment of services as is the case of the jacuzzi located in the opposite part of the jet zone, as well as a counter-current effect that allows swimming lovers to exercise is practiced intensively. We also have waterfalls of cold water, swan necks, pedicure and levitation bench that complete all these treatments that no doubt satisfy the requirements of lovers of water circuits.

 massages illot suites and spa mallorca

From the simplest relaxing massages with different duration to the most professional ones
Relaxing or sporting
Structural osteopathy
Chocolate massage
Massage Balines
Foot reflexology
Ayurvedic Massage
Hindu head Massage
Craneosacral Therapy
Illot Hotel special massage: complete massage in our health center. It is composed of three phases and is a combination of three massages
Podal Reflexology
Balines Back Massage
Hindu head massage: It is offered in both 45 minutes and one hour.

 Beauty treatment illot suites and spa

It includes different treatments applied to the face, as well as treatments of the face anti-age, or specific for feet and hands including of course the manicure and pedicure.We also have depilation, wraps, and peeling.

 sauna illot suites and spa

We have Saunas, in its variety of individual, as well as mixed. The sauna is at your disposal, we recommend sessions of 10 minutes that will have beneficial effects on both your skin and vital signs as blood pressure.
Mandatory to enter with towel and without bathing suit.
Maximum time recommended: 10 minutes.
Indoor gymnastics: Cleans and removes toxins, relaxes and tones the skin and the venal system with "Thermal shock" (cold shower) In cycles).

Steam Bath

The steam bath is also another option that we offer and we can soften it with different aromatherapies.
HUMIDITY: 40-50%
Essence of eucalyptus.
Respiratory system, relaxing and optimal for the care of the skin. Reduces tensions and cooling considerably
Maximum recommended time: 10 minutes

solarium hotel illut and spa mallorca

Get the desired appearance of your skin with a few brief sessions. Please contact our reception to get more information.
Insert the coin in the box
Press the START key
Close the door (manually)
Automatic shutoff 10 min

gym hotel illut and spa mallorca

The fitness center of our hotel is available to all its guests and allows a varied selection of exercises using the available equipment, static bicycles, treadmill, weights, etc. Etc.
The Club will remain open from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
It is forbidden to enter children under 18 years of age who are not hotel guests.
3 pm to 9 pm adults only

restaurant hotel illot suites and spa mallorca

The Buffet restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Illot Suites Hotel building, separated from the garden area and the swimming pool by means of large windows that provide the room with spectacular luminosity. Decorated in classic style and with a great capacity that allows the absolute comfort of the client for his choice of table. We offer a wide variety of hot and cold dishes, and a complete live cooking service in which you will always have meat, fish or grilled vegetables, to complete our spectacular assortment of desserts that will delight both adults and children. If you need to customize your diet for health reasons or any other please contact our staff and we will adapt to your needs. Although the basic hotel regime is all-inclusive it is possible at certain times of the year that customers can book a room with breakfast or half board.